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I’m an experienced DM that’s been taking up space at the table for 17 years now. I currently reside in Denton, TX and am interested in getting to know local DFW gamers and networking with others that enjoy the hobby.

I’ve played a great variety of games and systems, and anything I haven’t played is simply because I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet. I prefer longer running games, and most of my own average about 2 years in length. I’ve been running a solid Scarred Lands game for the past 1.8 years and now with the impending release of 4E I’m as excited about my hobby as ever.

I’ve played long enough to know that Roll and Role are simply two different sides of the same coin, and that balancing the two is the best way to a well rounded game. I value ingenuity, flair, and friendliness at my table, and I believe that gaming is a social hobby that thrives on mutual respect. I know that different tables fit different people, and take very little personally.

House Rules:
Simplicity is key, always has been and always will be. I reward my players for non-roleplay contributions to they’re characters and the game, through art, maps, stories, or anything else that I think brings value to the game. I try to be as consistent as possible in the way I run things.

Current Games:
Scarred Lands PF/3.5E D&D, Mage: The Ascension 2E.

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