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been playing D&D since 1979 (still even have my original copy of the game- in rough shape, but have one none-the-less). have played many different types of RPGs, CCGs and Minis games.

D&D (all but 4th edition), Star Wars (WEG and D20, Decipher CCG), Battletech (RPG and minis versions), Cyberpunk (Original and 2020), Vampire: the Masquerade (including werewolf, mage, etc), Rifts (plus other campaigns using the Palladium rules), Car Wars, Champions (2nd and 3rd edition), GURPS, Marvel Superheroes, DC Superheroes, D20 modern, Deadlands. those are the ones i still own a book or 20 for :) have played other games over the years as well, just dont own any materials for them.

i am a big Star Wars fan/collector. i have a small collection of memorabilia and a large collection of action figures (collected from late 90’s to 2007). favorite sports are Hockey (Go Red Wings) and NASCAR (favorite driver is anyone in a Ford).

i prefer story driven campaigns/games, but like to kick some arse every once in a while as well :)

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