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Grob-Olog, aka Olog the Manflayer, was born and raised a rare prize in the half Orc fighting pits. Being of half Orc half Tiefling descent made him especially deadly when placed against any foe. His most noted fight was against an pack of westfold dire wolves, which he now adorns as armor. At the age of 28 Olog decided to write his own destiny and turn his blade on the ones who enslaved him and his kin. Horror stores are still told all along the westfold of his merciless slaughter of the slave drivers and the failed rebellion of the orcs, leaving many of his kind dead, and the rest under a heavier lash. He has vowed since this day to find the strength to free all slaves, regardless of race. It was in his travels that he fell in with a freelance group of mercenaries known as the Blackwall Fade, becoming close friends with Ithrilendil, the runaway elf prince for many years. Both seeking redemption in their own rite they have set off to gather companions and fulfill their destinies.

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