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Through darkness and through tunnels and through battles I wade.

O’er mountains and o’er country and through the forest glade,

I seek an end to all the things that e’er the Elves had made.

I smash their gems and break their bows,

I crush their harps and eat their toes,

The scent of blood delights my nose.

The throats of many Elves I’ve cut upon this Orkish blade!

Under the hill and over the hill, my hunt will never end.

Under my skin and behind my eyes, my pain will never mend.

My torment will be theirs, and their soft flesh I will rend.

My black heart hardens while I roam,

My blade, it seeks an Elven home,

Of Elven flesh and Elven bone.

Into the heart of an Elven prince, I’ll sink this Orkish blade!

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