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From days of old I step forth and say hello. Long have I journeyed and longer adventured in these lands we call the United States. Mine was a humble birth, high on the mountain top, surrounded by fire, I was brought forth to do great things, just after one butt slap of course. From that point I strove to excel, finding I could walk at an early age, I mastered the mother tongue and the alien science of Algebra.
I soon became a nerd, virgin and pure, playing a game that so mirrored my own life it was uncanny. Dungeons and Dragons found me and I took to it as a baby to moms milk. Being a nerd and virgin meant no distractions from my goal to run games for my virgin, nerdy friends. Thus my true calling was discovered I was a Game Master. Then for the last 30 years I did a bunch of stuff called life and to this day Game Master still.

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