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New Players

We are always interested in new players wishing to join our campaigns!

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

1. You are an easy going individual who enjoys creative gaming sessions and gets along well with others.

2. You are willing to give other players enough breathing room to role-play their characters and make decisions.

3. Be comfortable with constructive criticism and not take offense if the DM or another player wants to address a problem out of game.

4. Have a predilection for real role-playing/acting. Our group leans towards the “role-playing” aspect of gaming, not “roll playing”. Occasionally a gaming session will have a lot of combat, but most of the time we strive for constructing interesting and believable personalities and a diverse world with which to interact with.

5. Be flexible with the rules. If you have a dispute with a rule mention it once during the game and wait to discuss it with the DM either at the end or the beginning of the next session.

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