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A half dragon not half human (mom human, dad dragon born) He is the son of the king of the dragon Born’s he was an outcast because he was half because of that he became friends with animals his closet friend is a lighting lion his name is Leon he was a cub when i found him he is full black with a blue tattoo from his eyes to his tail blue eyes blue claws. Then another dragon born who would soon be considered his best friend (don’t know his name yet)he is a nice friendly dragon born who likes everybody if their kind no matter of race or color. Years later angel and demons appeared in my kingdom this was considered the holy war they fought with the dwarfs and eleven to fight off the demons and angles arjhan helped in the war he killed their leaders an angel named Ralphael and a demon named Ravana who left him two nasty scars one on his chest which tells him if their is a angel around and one on him face which tells him if their are demons aroun. He killed them both I think their body’s disappeared so yeah. After this he was considered a hero loved by everyone he went back home to look for fang but he wasn’t there not killed but gone so one of his goals is finding him he decide to leave to explore the world and help all creatures and protect them so he became a ranger. He has a brother a white dragon born but also half blood his name is IsenhjÀrta I also have a sister a red half blood dragon born her name is Xesrie. Us three are very close we have a bond that can never be broken. That’s arjhan back story.

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