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Hi thanks for taking interest. I am Shawn and have been gaming for way to long. My gaming group of many years fell apart a year ago and I am looking for a new group. I am an experienced player and Gm but I would prefer to play for a bit in any new group until I get to know the players. However once I get to know a group I will be happy to run if need be. I am not looking to take over anyone’s group , just happy to help out where need be. I only play good characters so keep that in mind if you invite me. I don’t powergamer but I try to put together a solid character. I always make sure my characters have a story and that story much match the characters stats.

Availability will take some work. I am medically retired but I have to pick my wife up at 4pm every day but Wednesday and Thursday. My wife is also a skilled gamer in her own right so if we could work it out you might get us both.

I look forward to gaming again.
Later Shawn

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