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This was my first "real" taste of playing a fantasy adventure, having played various board games with our group. Two of the players have a lot of experience while I being new, as well as two other first time D&D players made things interesting. I was selected to DM as I can be truly ruthless, yet hold back just enough, to keep from wiping out the entire party! We started with Goodman Games Dungeon Crwal Classics – The Sellswords of Punjar, and PunJar, The Tarnished Jewel. This was a gift from my gaming buddy at GenCon, as he hoped to get me into this world. After completing Sellswords, I decided to make our entire campaign based on Forgotten Realms, but using the Scales of War adventure path. We skipped the first SoW adventure to keep the players at the correct levels moving forward. Luckily I was able to plan ahead enough to get hooks and foreshadowing for the Seige at Bordin's Watch. We seem to be hooked rather well into the Scales of War adventure right now, but there still may be another call back to the dirty city of PunJar!

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