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Join recently and would like to find out about possible groups / campaigns in my area. I have tired my share of games and systems over the years, and found out that the mix is a decent system with a good group of people who get into the flow of the game. I am tend not to focus on all the
statical aspects of role playing games. I do realize stats have there place, but for me the interact between the characters in a game carry more weight with me. Besides most of my good memories are of situations between other characters, than any amazing roll of the dice.

As for game settings I tend to be open to many different settings. Though to be honest I have not
experience every possible setting / game systems. Just a short list of games that I have had the most experience with would be;

-D and D
-White Wolf
-Palladium / Rifts
-Star Wars (both d6 and d20)

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