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Name: Timothy J. Himes

City: Temecula, CA. United States.

Looking for: I am looking for players that are interested in gaming in the Inland Empire area, in Temecula, CA. For now, it would be Mondays starting at 4-5 pm at Thou Shalt Game off Jefferson in Temecula. (Google it).

How often can you game: I am looking to game at least once every week or every other week as my schedule permits.

Preferred age group: I am looking for mature minded role players (18 years of age and or older).

Preferred location of play: Thou Shalt Game You can Google it for location and information. Eventually, I am hoping that one of the players will have a residence that we can game at. I cannot run games in my apartment.

Do you prefer to run the games and or play in them: I have more experience running games because that is when I feel most comfortable. I am interested in playing in other games as long as the group is mature, not too large (no more than 5-6 people), and the Storyteller is experienced, knowledgeable about the game setting and rules, and is NOT a rules lawyer.

Gaming Issues: I do not get along well with people that take everything in a game too seriously (People that get pissed off for real if their character is killed off), power gamers, and or people that simply cannot get involved in developing their character within the parameters of the story that the Storyteller establishes. I also have problems with people that have bad hygiene, do not shower before coming to a game, and or are generally “odd”. I will not game with anyone that brings actual weapons to a game.

What games are you interested in: I prefer to run home brew games that use modified versions of the Storytelling System. Other than that, I would like to run / play in Vampire: The Requiem, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Hunter: The Vigil chronicles, or Mortal games. I have no interest in Mage, Geist, Promethean, or Changeling. I am also interested in learning more about Shadowrun 4E, Hollow Earth: Expedition, and Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire. As well as perhaps getting in on trying out the D&D NEXT stuff, and or playing / running games using the AD&D2E system -because 3, 3.5. and 4 never did it for me. Never tried Pathfinder but I might be open to that as well with a good group.

To Contact Me: Please respond in this thread or shoot me a message through this site, or at t i m o t h y underscore h i m e s 1 at yahoo dot com.

More about yourself: (What kind of player and or Storyteller are you? What are you looking for in a game and or in a group): I am looking for mature minded people who have like minded interests. I have always enjoyed meeting new people that are looking to strike up new friendships both within and outside of the gaming group. Groups of people that want to go to the movies on some nights, just hang out on others, and or generally take the time when their schedule permits, to actually get to know one another both inside and outside of the game. As for the games that I prefer to play in, I prefer games that are equally balanced between action, drama, and intrigue. I like trying to solve mysteries, having a good combat scenario, and generally staying entertained. I do not enjoy games that are nothing but political where a group of players sit around for 4-8 hours just talking in-character, when NOTHING happens. I will get extremely bored very rapidly. Adversely, I do not enjoy dungeon crawl hack and slash, power games that are bent on just getting more “Power”, collecting magic items, and whatever. I like role playing games when they are work to develop a story.

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