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tkretzer's Bio

Died twice in the same milieu round…. Practice makes perfect…..

Can spontaneously combust when desired…. but usually when not desired…..

Brilliant stragedyist, lousy dice roller…..

I campaign with only the best adventurers… until they kill me….

Geek girls are the best… except at picking me to be their boyfriend….

I am against bigotry against gnomes….. Kill them all and end the bigotry…..

Loaded dice or loaded players ? … The conundrum continues….

Mapping is an artform…. Well, actually, mapping is easy… Switching out maps with the DM without them knowing it is an artform….

Any resemblance between any characters mentioned herein and any persons living or dead is purely coincidental since most of the persons mentioned herein have been living and dead, and a good number of times each….

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