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I have been a role playing game enthusiast and DM since the very first Dungeons and Dragons game was published. I am probably one of the very few players remaining that can still remember the original hand drawn paperback books. My gaming experiences includes running a tournement for the Midwest Masters in Lincoln, NE, playing and running games with 2-6 players all the way up to my most recent game while in college in Natchitoches, LA where there were sometimes upwards of 37-38 players in one game on a three year long campaign where we played 2-3 times/week. I am also familiar with many of the other RPGs out there such as Gurps, Star Trek, Marvel Super Heroes, DC Heroes, Traveller, Buck Rodgers, Stargate SG1, Call of Cthulhu, and many others. The rules sets accepted in the Dungeons and Dragons games I have run include everything from the very earliest editions to 3.5 and I am currently familiarizing myself with the fourth edition rules.

Basically, if you have a recognized published book or magazine article from TSR/Wizards of the Coast that authorizes it, then it is usually permitted in one of my games (providing I get a copy of the rule so that everyone is on the same page, figuratively speaking). I also allow from one character to (sometimes) up to five per player, but only with proven experience in the game. All alignments are allowed and absolutely NO god-like powers (unless the players are playing gods in a god level game).

I am also a published writer and tend to use some of the gaming materials I use in my writing. All my players understand this up front and are alright with this before we start a game. Similarly, I have had a few players work on projects of their own. One player created a graphic journal of the three year long campaign from college.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of current employment due to the economy, a lack of skill with web pages and having lost information and contact with many of my former RPG friends through recent moves, I am unable to post much of anything on a web page. However, if there are any new players/DMs out there who would like any advise or who wishes any help with an aspect of a game, I support RPGs to the limit and would be very happy to offer advise or help where I am able to do so. In the meantime, we are relatively new to this area and I am either looking for a game to join or some players who would be interested in starting one. Due to my age and reasonable ethics concerning the same, no gamers who are minors please. Thank you and to gamers and DMs, Referees, etc… one and all…

Well Met! and Happy Gaming! May all your days be an adventure.

Thomas L. Townsend II ttownse3 [email protected]

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