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Vlarg (Barry) has been playing D&D off and on for over 20 years. He (and by “he” I mean “me” since it’s proper to write this in the third-person) was introduced to D&D in the 6th grade with the famous red box set (the basic D&D starter kit). He has since moved on to try many other roleplaying games over the years and build and impressive gaming resume, including playing in and running games for: Rifts, Palladium, Vampire the Masquerade, Immortal, HoL, Tales From the Floating Vagabond, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Blue Planet (both versions!), Star Wars (West End Games and the new d20 version), Gurps, and a slew of RPG-like board games. In 2009 he decided to get back to his roots and jump into 4th edition D&D (having somehow completely missed 3rd edition entirely).

Armed with books (perma)borrowed from his friend Dickie and a slew of PDFs, he set out to create a epic campaign spanning all 30 levels of an adventuring party’s life.

He is currently DM of his Monday night D&D campaign. He moved to Texas and his regular Monday night crew is now sailing East on an airship over the Sea of Fallen Stars. They’ve been sailing for over a year. I think they got lost.

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