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I have a long history with role play. I’ve been role playing for 17 years, and I’m only 23. Yes I realize that was pretty young to start but give me a break, I did my best back then.

I’m experienced as a player and a DM. on the side of DMing I’ve ran games here in the states and in Australia both with moderate to overwhelming success. Even to the point of having people beg to join a game mid-play at various locations. As well as having the achievement of scaring players during a game enough to have them ask to take a break out of fear. I’ve had players describe my games as frantic, and I’ve managed to pull all sorts of emotions from players. Now, I even run a LARP.

As a player I’ve experimented with a small range of characters, I grow attached to them due to the amount of effort I put into them. Though I can easily adjust most of my characters to any setting. Warning to potential DMs, I’ve been known to think beyond and outside the box when it comes to solving problems. Ha ha ha.

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