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I have played many d20 variants and GMed GURPS, d20 3.5, Pathfinder, and Fudge. I started roleplaying in a game with deep story and multiyear story arc which I loved. As a player I enjoy writing player perspective journals and a rich character background. I am a storyteller player first (my characters adapt a lot to the world to stay alive and perpetuate the story), and a method actor second (playing a predescribed character and enjoying the dramatic challenges that come from running into problems caused by character defects). As a GM I excel at generating roleplaying opportunities and dramatic interactions with memorable NPCs. The GM inclinations are the reasons I’m testing waters with new groups. I left my last group because they prefer d20 and it just doesn’t scratch my creative itches anymore. I am interested in playing and/or GMing with a story-oriented group.

I have GMed games on roll20 and would be open online games with a story oriented group. Looking for Saturday evenings every other week.

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