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I’m a story gamer. When I play a game, I look for rich and complex story elements as evidence of quality. When I run a game, I look for material from the players to use to enrich and draw the players further into the game. When I watch a show/movie or read a book/comic, I read for depth of character and richness of background and character interaction. I would not go so far as to say “Story is All”, but it is a rare day that I don’t favor story over other elements of a narrative.

I love scifi and high fantasy games. My preferred engine of gaming is D&D 4e, but I am very very familiar with 3.5 (a good reason to like 4e) and am relatively comfortable playing in it. I have brief but unflattering experience with WoD (specifically Vampire), and am currently teaching myself Shadowrun.

Currently, I am working on shaping 2 separate worlds. One is a more serious campaign that I’d like to be edition independent (we’ll see how that goes) called Gods World. The second one is a more of an exploration/extrapolation of the generic 4e setting.

you can hit me up on aim at Zippomage (shocking, I know). Please don’t contact me to piss and moan about how much you hate 4e, it’ll only get you ignored, or whatever stands in for that around here.

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