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GM: your blow kills the displacer beast. Zorba: skin it. GM why?. Zorba so I can make a cloak, I'm going to wear the monsters I kill!

GM: your blow kills the manticore. Zorba: skin it.

GM: your blow kills the two headed devil dog. Zorba: skin it and when they make the cloak I want it so each head rests on a shoulder instead of on my head.

GM: your blow kills the final hellhound. Skin 'em all, we've got enough here for one each.

GM: the wizard's magic missiles slam into the basilisk finishing it off. Zorba: while the mage rests and memorizes stone to flesh can some one skin that for me please?

GM as you approach the door your danger sense causes the skin on the back of your neck to tingle. Zorba: guys there's danger here so be alert. GM: as you get closer the tingling develops into a throb. Zorba: I think it's big guys, be really carefull. GM: as you touch the door the rest of the party can actually see the skin on the back of your neck try to crawl up your head! Arnvarld: screw this, I'm leaving this one alone.there is a chorus of assenting noises Zorba: fine I'll do it myself and you guys have none of the loot. the rest of the party moves on. Zorba opens the door to see a spiral staircase descend the wall of a 30 foot diameter shaft into a pool of water 50 feet below. He descends the stairs and about half way a darktentacles bursts from the water. One tentacle wraps around Zorba's legs while 4 others pummel him. Fortunately our intrepid hero keeps hold of his axes and with a battle cry starts flailing away Zorba: holy crap. Ok, there's a lot of thrashing in the water and I'm obviously singing my war hymn, does anyone hear this and come back? GM: the others hear a lot of noise. Arnvarld: I aint going back. Beardor: not me. Kiara: hell no. Emma: Meh it's my last session before I leave to another state for the next three years so this character is done… I'll help… GM: the bard comes back to help…!

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