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Obsidian Portal takes the pain out of managing your tabletop RPG

Join Over 100 Thousand Gamers

Say Hello to Your New GM Notebook

Easy Wiki Building

Build your campaign website with our easy to use wiki. Organize things in a way that makes sense for your game.

Any System

Obsidian Portal works with any system, any setting. It's your game, so why should you have to fit it into someone else's favorite system?

No More Missed Sessions

Players get schedules confused and don't come on game night, ruining it for everyone. With our campaign calendar, schedule mixups are a thing of the past.

Track Your Adventure

With the adventure log, you can track your campaign's history and make it easy to remember everything that ever happened.

Track Your Characters

Our character tracker makes it easy to organize all the characters in your game. Never forget another character.

It's Free

Best of all, Obsidian Portal is free to use. There's nothing stopping you from getting your game back on track.

Run Your Game on all Your Devices

Obsidian Portal enables you to run your game on all your devices

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I'd give Obsidian Portal a rating of five out of five stars!
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If you’re a GM or you play in a game, I highly recommend you give Obsidian Portal a look.
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