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Adam has been a DM/GM since the mid 1990’s. He began playing Dungeons and Dragons after renting a Monster Manual from the library of his elementary school. His still remembers his first adventure- navigating a dungeon and dying to a monster made of shit. He began DMing in 1994 using Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition (2ed). His groups used these rules until 2010, when they switched over to Pathfinder. His player career is dwarfed by his GM career. He has GMed over 30 different players and still GMs at least two full days per month, often more. Characters played range from fighters to rogues. His current characters are a level 20 Barbarian, Alexander and level 20 Cleric Rathemon in Dungeons and Dragons Online; He has a level 7 Wizard, Tacitus and a level 3 Cleric/Oracle Rathemon in Pathfinder Society, a level 4 Bard, Cato, in play-by-post Pathfinder, and a level 1 Fighter in another campaign. The highest level ever achieved without dying one time is his level 7 Paladin. His most devoted player is Terry Cunningham, and they currently run Pathfinder’s Rise of the Runelords along with other players.

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