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Life, creating, and making dreams become reality…
I love:

  • Adventuring, exploring – sub-city, cave, gem/rock/fossil/gold hunting, hiking/camping
  • Writing – songs, poems, games, commercials, comedy skits, shows and movies, maps and languages
  • Music and Voice – singer, composer, instrumental musician, voice acting & fx, soundtracks (influenced by Kate Bush, Jethro Tull, Ella Fitzgerald, Heart, Benetar, Aguilera, Tori Amos, Genesis, Chicago, Moody Blues, Tom Waits, The Police, my parents, video game and movie soundtracks, and more)
  • Dance and Performance – Acting, Ballet, Belly, Ballroom, Swing, Latin, Modern, Experimental, Clown (mime, juggling, physical humor), and I still can do a bit of Gymnastics and Free-running though my knee and back have injuries I’m recovering from after a car accident.
  • Martial Arts and Stunts – Chinese Kenpo, American Kenpo, Fencing and Swordplay, Tang Su Do, and some training in Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Judo, Aikido, and Escrima. I also did pro-wrestling as a Heal for awhile with SAW – Southwestern Alliance of Wrestling.
  • And I love collaborating with people on artistic projects of any kind.
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  • JesseHeinig
  • Arkayne
  • ChristineThompson
  • geekstress
  • chrisfixedkitty
  • briareosdx
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