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Nothing feels more like home to Aiden Greenbow than thick forests, strange fauna, and the lithe body of an Elven woman. A human Ranger with with exceptional archery skills and a mistrust of the law, Aiden tends to shun society, prefering the freedom of the deep forests to the law and order of townships. At age 10, after being abused and constantly beaten at home, Aiden took up his father’s bow and set out into the wilderness. It wasn’t long before he found himself within Cormanthor Forest, alone, frightened, and starving. Barely surviving a chance encounter with a bear, Aiden was found, unconscious, by Wood Elves that lived within that forest.

They took Aiden in, raising him as one of them. He learned to track, hunt, and make proper use of his bow. While growing up in Cormanthor, Aiden defended the forests creatures from human poachers and orc raiders, becoming very adept at tracking both. Upon reaching manhood, The Elves sent Aiden into the wood to commune with the spirits that resided there, a task that’s purpose was to hopefully show him the path he was to follow. While communing, he had a vision of Neverwinter wood. Within the wood was a castle with a defiled altar. A voice in the vision urged him to purify this altar, and defeat the forces within that were reaching out and defiling the forest. the vision also showed him the face of a halfing lady in the town of Neverwinter, hinting that information was to be gleaned there.

And so Aiden set out, saying his goodbyes to the Elven people that raised him. Upon arriving in Neverwinter, he got wind that a local band of marauders, the Red Brands, were causing trouble for the locals of a couple surrounding towns and villages. In need of money to fund his venture, he set out to bring these criminals to justice, as a sizable reward had been offered for their apprehension, dead or alive. Upon arrival at the Red Brand hideout, he used his superior hunting skills to infiltrate the building, but found no one there. In fact, the place looked completely deserted. While being a great hunter, however, he was unused to being hunted himself, and so did not check for traps. He fell into a pit the Red Brands had once used, it seems, to catch intruders, just like he.

Checking for a way to get out, he found none, and to think of a way, he sat and began to meditate. So deep in meditation was he, that he did not hear the approaching voices, and so was VERY surprised when a full armored man fell right on top of him. This man turned out to be a fighter named Hind. Quickly making introductions, and explaining that he and his party were, like Aiden, here to find the Red Brands, they were then hauled out of the hole by Hinds Dwarven friend Kemler. The party, which also included a halfing named Ollie, set out together search the rest of the place for their quarry, not finding anything else within.

Since then Aiden has traveled with his new found companions, using his tracking skills and intimate knowledge of forests to keep the party clear of danger on their travels. Still though, he has kept mostly to himslef unless directly asked a question or given a task to be done. It wasn’t until just recently, during the Battle of Cragmaw Castle, that he realized how much he truly cared for those within the group. Faced with the decision to pursue an enemy that was escaping, or heal Kemler’s wounded cousin, he found that, for the first time in his life, he could put aside his hatred for evil to save a person someone else cared for. He realized, in that moment, that he had friends that he could truly call family, and that he would give his all, even his life, for his companions.

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