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I like to view myself as a mad professor or engineer of roleplaying possibilities and mechanics. Long ago, I grew intensely bored with the Tolkien themed obsession of fantasy and have made it a habit to visit other avenues of fantasy and the surreal.

To give you an analogy of what I do, I’m not the guy who builds the car. I am, however, the backwater kook who takes the refrigerator and makes a hovercraft out of it. And despite all logic and lack of polish, gets it to function and dispense minestrone soup at the same time. And people want to ride in that HoverFridge, shockingly. That is the result of dice rollin’, note makin’, rule modifyin’ passion!

I’m in my 30’s these days, but have been playing one thing or another since I was a third of that age. I currently run UnMen, for which a friend has started a wiki for on this site. It was nice of him to take the initiative to do that!

Seize the pie, gentlemen.

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