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Anubitz's Bio

I am a 30 year old guy working on writing a fantasy novel set in a world of my own creation. I have been working on this world since I was 15 and read my first Fantasy novel, The Eye of the World. My interests are widely varied, and I have a deep love of history.

I have run games for years, my most successful being an O:WoD Mage game that ran for two and a half years before successfully concluding. The setting moved in game to three different cities as the cabal grew in power, and they interacted with several other factions of the WoD. I really enjoyed that game, and the players were close. We were in college, and had time to game.

 Now, gaming has taken a back seat to life, and that is kind of sad. My desire for escapist storytelling is as strong as ever though, and until complete immersion holography comes along, novels, movies, and roleplaying are my passions.