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I don’t think a bio is really necissary in a place like this.
They’re mostly for trying to pick up chicks aren’t they?
This is more like a D&D Resume.

I’ve been playing D&D since the mid 90’s. About 13 years. Back in 2nd edition anyway. I’ve run several campaigns myself, some serious and some most decidedly UNserious.
(Like one that was dubbed the B.S. Campaign)
I play with a small group that has remained relatively consistent throughout the years. All school friends from years back.
Most of the members of the group have DMing experience of their own too.

I’ve got a whole crap load of D&D books, I try to especially aquire every monster manual and creature collection out there cause having a variety of monsters I believe enhances the game the most.

Our group gets together every Friday night. That changes from time to time but for the last few years is has remained consistently Fridays.

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  • Shadowedlily
  • Silvarious
  • CroBob
  • anfro
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