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Hello People of the World!

Call me Jonesy. I am the DM of a few games; Tempus and Pirates! I also have plans to run a few others soon, those being a Zombie Outbreak and a Star Wars game. BUT this is not important. What is important is the awesome I bring to life! I play in many different games. For starters, one of my favors is a ace pilot in a Star Wars game name Jaxs. My other Star Wars charter which I’m sad to say I won’t be playing any more was my jedi Jade Phoenix. My other side game charters Maximus Cantor and Helios are fun to play as well. I have also tried out the D&D 4.0 system, and even though I may not like the game style Donaar the Dragon-born make it all good.

There is one other… He goes by the name Grok… Marcus Grok. and I dare say he is the most epic D&D 3.5 every to come into being. Words can not tell you of his power. When your DM put your party up against 6 dragons and one being 5 headed, and Grok still makes him cry… then you know your playing a awesome charter.

There will be bios to come on some of these charter. Please keep checking in…

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