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I can be found on at the Hampton Roads Tabletop Roleplayers group

Or at my Shattered World group on facebook.

I am a experienced player. Playing D&D since the red & blue boxes. World of Darkness – Garou, Mage, Vampire, and Fay. Toon, Rolemaster, etc… If there is a game I will try it. I have been a GM for World of Darkness – Garou, D&D, Shadowrun. I am a better player than a GM, but I get few complaints as either.

I have been building the Shattered world in my head for many years. And I am not afrade to say borrowing ideas from TV, Movies, Books, Other games (With permission).

But This page is suppost to be about me. There are other pages for me to write about my game.

I am in my forties somewhere. I have known about D&D since I was in high school. I have played since college. I have been to my share of Renaissance Festivals and I know some Renies personally. But I am too old to play the sword fighter that I would want to be. I have been a member for short period of time in the SCA. (Though I am still interested.) I have played both Tabletop and some LARP. I am quite willing to try and Wap people about the body with a foam sword while I get the S$@%*& beat out of me.

I will need help getting to any game not held at my home. I am not in a wheelchair or on a walker yet. But Diabetes and a hard life has taken its toll. I get around with a cane, some alieve, and a lot of rest stops.

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