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Hey everyone,

My name’s Brad, and I’ve been playing RPG’s for many years. I started back in the summer of 1979.
I’ve played in and run campaigns in many systems. Seriously, I’ve forgotten how many, but it’s well over 20. I keep coming back to D&D, I guess you could call it my first love.

Back in the mid ’80’s, I started designing my own world. Right now, I’m running a campaign set in my world, called “Tohren”, version 2. I wanted to play around in a new, unfamiliar setting, so I created the “Eastern Lands”. Most of the campaign centers around a desert called the Western Wastes, which is a part of a larger nation called “Domana”. This country is in turmoil, as a group called the Sun Cult is trying to take over and set up a theorcracy based on the worship of a sun god called “Auhrmaz”.

One of the unusual things with this is my idea, where adventurers are not treated as if they’re special people, drinking with nobles, and rubbing elbows with kings based on the fact that they’re adventurers. Most of the people of Domana, when confronted with the knowledge that a character is an adventurer would not say “Wow, that’s cool.” Instead, they’d say “What, you can’t find a real job?”

Throw into the mix a loose “adventurer’s guild” made up of motley collection of treasure hunters, con artists, and outright thieves. This guild is called “Seeker’s Union”, and has a precarious place in the society of Domana. The campaign I’m running is based on that, and is rife with political intrigue.

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