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I Am A Gamer

I am also a husband to a very patient non-gamer, a father to a 15-month-old future gamer, and a writer of numerous games that I have not had the chance to play yet.
I began in high school where my first character was a Boisterous Bruiser type in Earthdawn. This led to various smaller games, and half-formed one shots. I was not very good, and ell into all of the new-gamer pitfalls. It was sad.
In college I found my way into a group of players who got ourselves classified as a special group of some kind with the on campus housing. So we all ended up living on the same floor of the same dorm.
It Was Awesome.
It was here that I met my primary group. We played in a Vampire (Old WoD) LARP called Dixie By Night. The particular click I fell in with could basically be defined as “Care Bears who win”, and this has defined my play style ever since.
I joined the Navy and found myself in Japan, where I feel in with a very good group. Here I played what has probably been my favorite character of all time, Harlan Toolbreaker, a Halfling fighter who became a Paladin of Mystra in Forgotten Realms setting. He lived awesome and died epic.
In the past 10 years I have played in several D&D games, including my first ever long running campaign that I played in from beginning to end. I have played my first Battle Tech game, but I had to leave, because of the aforementioned kid.
I have tried to DM, to varying degrees of success. My suggestion? Avoid trying to take on EIGHT players on your second try. It ends… badly.
Recently I had the opportunity to play in a Savage Worlds campaign that fits all manner of personal interests. Modern Fantasy, point-buy character gen mechanic, all the fun little merit and flaw goodies. I recommend it for anyone with those interests.
If you like talking games feel free to contact me. I don’t to play as much so I must live vicariously through you all!

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