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Nightingale is a mysterious and untrustworthy thief in the night, who slides in and out of shadows, only seen when she wants to be seen and is always richer on her way out than in her way in.

The mystery of her origins is unknown – her existence itself is unknown, except for within the deepest, darkest and most hidden of circles. She appears unseen, and leaves just as quickly, unnoticed and without a trace. The only evidence that she has been there is that something is missing. No lock is too complicated, no trap is well hidden enough. She is the unparalleled thief in the shadows who has come and gone before you ever knew she was there.

She heard the rumors of the spire, and figured that looting it might prove to be a fun challenge. The tower is old and must hold priceless wonders, plus anyone who has died attempting the task is no longer in need of any goods or gold they might have been carrying.

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