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Long time gamer, first sucked into the hobby while playing the D&D Basic set with my older brother, who needed an extra body to sink dragon’s teeth into. Permanent GM when I bought my first sourcebook (before buying a main book, natch) and spent 2 days trying to decipher what the hell 2d6 meant. 7th Sea is my baby, but I also have a lot of fun throwing down with D&D (Eberron is a blast, and I’m glad Pathfinder is keeping the 4e monkeys at bay), Shadowrun (also 3rd edition… what’s with 4th editions sucking?), Deadlands (even better now that I’ve accepted Savage Worlds into my life), L5R, the occasional foray into stuff like Exalted, and even a few of the Megaversal settings when I’m feeling squirrelly. Loving the Renaissance of smaller games focused on story and character built around one fun and simple mechanic, like Dogs in the Vineyard (even if I’ll never get to play it) just as much as I love debating the merits of Archery vs. Two Weapon Fighting for Rangers in Pathfinder. Guess I’m just well rounded that way.