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I’ve been roleplaying in any form since I found a strange box in my parents attic. I think I was ten?

It was an incarnation of “basic D&D.” Failed attempts to garner the interest of my parents or grandmother led me to play with my younger brother, until I quickly discovered the weakness of two-player RPGing.

We did, however, construct massive battles with castle legos, and create complex murder mysteries with “mapped” legos, and “GM” basic roleplaying puzzle games with Matchbox cars, some of which were NPCs, some of which were walls, and some of which were just cars.

Like most roleplayers, I found my first true D&D group in high school with 2nd Ed. I also dabbled in Shadowrun.

I soon discovered the evil of online MMOs as Everquest I rose to power, and my current drug of choice is World of Warcraft.

In college, I DMed a game for up to 12 players, half of them new, introducing new house rules in “patch notes” fashion for each session to try new things, and tracking tons of player statistics. This is one reason I’m so fascinated with the designers blogs for 4E. The only thing I can’t figure is why they haven’t invited me to help design.

My favorite writer is Dan Simmons. If you haven’t read him yet, shame on you. He’s won awards in multiple genres, often for his first work in said genre.

My second-favorite is Orson Scott Card—for his sense of moral dilemma, which I frequently try to work into my D&D campaigns. My favorite challenge to players is not which hallway to take, but which rescue is the “right” one. My backstories for my own characters (D&D or WoW characters on roleplaying servers) usually reflect this taste also.

I’m also a fan of RTSs, and I was once a ranked Warcraft 3 player (700-something) and I once beat a player ranked in the top 100 US East. My best Starcraft record (money maps, not ladder) was about 200W undefeated before my first loss.

I bridge the gap between console and PC gaming… I love the invested games like World of Warcraft and Neverwinter Nights, but I’m just as big a fan of guitar hero, Metroid Prime Corruption, Mario 64, the Zelda series, and old side-scrollers like Contra and Tiger-Heli.

My favorite game of all time remains D&D. A table of friends, beer, pizza, and unlimited possibilities can rival the best movie, book, or video game I’ve ever enjoyed, because a D&D game is a collaborative effort full of constant surprises and improvements.

Yes, I fly my freak flag high.

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