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I’m a 46 year old retired Army Master Sergeant; I have been playing D&D since the mid 70’s, and I have been a DM since the early 80’s. I have played through every D&D system until 4.0 came out. I refuse to leave the 3.5 edition, but only because I have over 1k invested in books, etc. I have well over 300 figurines, some date back from late 70’s, and early 80’s. I have always ran games out of Forgotten Realms, and I think it has been a great campaign world to build upon. I’m currently running one campaign; it is the Cauldron campaign converted to Forgotten Realms. I’m currently in the planning stage of a second campaign through Skype for some out of town friends. I love to play as a character, but I enjoy being a DM as much or more. I’m not much on rule mongering, I’m more into the Roleplay aspect. I really enjoy the camaraderie with the friends/family I play D&D with most of all. I look forward to using this site as a way to keep track of all my NPC’s, and note taking, I have found that info gets lost easily. My current campaign has been running for four years; the PC’s started at 1st, and are currently 15th level in average.

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