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I’m Project Designer for Haphazard Projects. That means, in addition to the games I have listed here, I am always looking for play testers in the Cheyenne/Ft. Collins area. We have our own DPS System (dice pool scale) which is fast, easy to learn

We’ve got one game published: InSaNiTy: the RPG, and it does have a follow up entitled Terminal Insanity. It’s… unique. It is a supremely challenging and requires a powerful ability to improv.

We used the fan favourite genre of the Green Lantern Corps as a vehicle to test the DPS System. Playtesters called it “perfect”. We will give the GLC RPG to anyone who asks. Since we have no affiliation to DC Comics nor have we made any licencing efforts, we can’t sell these. Ergo, a 180 page delve into a DC Comics, the Green Lantern Mythos, and the histories of the human GL’s can be yours for the low, low price of FREE.

We have several games we are in various stages of development:

Elderstar (high magic/adventure) uses the Savage Worlds System. A DPS, d20, and FATE CORE Systems are highly probably as well. Can civilisation continue after a world-ending event? You’ll have to overcome giant monsters, giant robots, the paranoia against psychic power, exploration of this heavily scarred planet?

Chronicle of the Orb Shaedeam’s Song (Gothic horror/fantasy)for d20/3.5. This epic-scaled fantasy game will scare you, and after that you’ll be scaring yourself.

Deathbound (horror survival) Yeah, it’s zombies. But we have worked hard to create a unique setting and world history to offer three styles of game play: role-play, tactical combat simulations, tournament style. You game group will be able to interact with player groups around the world!

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