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I’m a twice-divorced father of 5 sons. I teach tumbling, trampoline and circus stunting, and I moonlight as an acrobat, most often with the Wanderlust Circus. I started gaming from the original 1e boxed set of D&D in the Keep on the Borderlands, over 30 years ago, when the 80s were looming on the horizon and the year 2000 sounded like science fiction. I almost immediately discovered that I love DMing more than just about anything in the world. I’ve run campaigns in my own settings, the World of Greyhawk (1e), the city of Sanctuary from the Thieves’ World setting, Darksun, and a few other settings. I was an (over)active member of an online gaming community set in the unfortunately-named world of Thardferr. For the last, oh, 9 or 10 years I’ve run a 3.5e campaign in my own home-brew setting called Mircanum.

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