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Figment's Bio

Figment grew up telling shared stories with his family. When a family friend gave him the red D&D Basic boxed set in sixth grade, he found the concept of role playing intriguing. However, he didn’t find any fellow gamers until middle school, where he played D&D, AD&D 1.0, AD&D 2.0, SW-RPG 1.0, Runequest 2.0, TMNT, and Robotech. In high school he discovered Car Wars and SW-RPG 1.5.

It was in college that he really found role playing could be pushed to a new level when he was introduced to World of Darkness 1.0, first in table top and later in LARP. In the years after college he was introduced to many other roleplaying games, but none as immersive or powerful.

These days Figment’s favorite roleplaying games are Blood and Tears, Byron Falls: A Little Game about a Lot of Supernatural High School Drama, Call of Cthulhu 5.0, D&D 3.5, Earthdawn 1.0, Feng Shui, HLA, MSHAG, Monkey: The Storytelling Game of the Journey to the West, No Thank You, Evil!, SW-RPG 2.5, T&T 7.5, & World of Darkness 1.0.