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Orus was found on a bed of finger bones on top of an alter to Dispater in a basement of Freeport. He was rescued by a cleric of Yondalla and given over to a Halfling orphanage in the Hive Ward of Sigil.

He worked for a time as a portal guide in Sigil, but it was a sham. He only knew of a single portal in the kitchen of the orphanage whereas tapping three times on a lose brick above the hearth would open a one way portal to god-knows where. Orus would sell the portal’s secrets to any unwary traveler with the proper coin, and each traveler would be told it led to the very place he sought. In truth, Orus had no idea where it went, and he didn’t much care as none of the travelers ever returned to demand their money back.

Then one day he found himself on the run from the Mercykillers after a botched pick-pocket operation and found himself in need of an immediate exit. He used the portal he’d been selling access to and found himself in Yennoghu’s Realm. There he spent years on the run from the slavers in the Dun Savannah, desperately searching for a portal exit. It was here he became a barbarian.

It was only recently that he found an exit and hastily jumped at the chance to escape, only to find himself in different sort of hell……..

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