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I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, back in the USSR. My childhood was filled with bogatyrs and Baba Yaga, which translated into He-Man, Voltron, and pro wrestling when we came to the USA. I love mythology, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, video games, any sort of pulp narrative.

most of my GMing experience is with White Wolf products like World of Darkness (old and new) and Exalted, but I’m currently running Pathfinder, trying to get my mind around a more rules-based, gameist style.

I tend to prefer characters on the Lawful or Good sense of the scale, but I can rock a mean villain when the mood strikes. Love working with GMs to create the best storytelling expereince.

I work for CCP games and am writing a novel. I live with my amazing wife, slowly corrupting her into a nerd. We play LEGO together. It rules.

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