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So, what should I really say about myself? I mean, obviously I’m a gamer to some extent, or I wouldn’t have to a message board community with dozens of gaming systems holding their own sub-forums! I am an avid player of classic table top games, but also have a handful of video games in which I find myself enthralled time-to-time. Amusingly, it was a video game that got me back online looking for potential play-by-post games.

As I said, I’m a table top gamer. If it takes more than three hundred pages just to know how to play using only the core rules, I’m down for trying it. Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, Legend of the Five Rings, SpyCraft, StarGate SG-1, d20 Modern, Wheel of Time, Fireborn, Mutants and Masterminds, In Nomine… these are books I’ve used in some way just since the start of the year. I haven’t played a session of them all, but I’ve read, pulled ideas, worked on characters, wrote some session pieces. Yes, I’m a nerd, but a happy one.

I’m also a huge hockey fan (Go Pens!). That comes as a surprise to most people seeing as how I grew up on a white sand beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, I’m from the south, no I don’t have a drawl, I rarely wear denim, I own more pairs of sandals than shoes, I don’t have a five-gallon hat, and I don’t chew on tobacco. I was born in Mississippi, raised here, live here, and will finish my first two degrees here. I couldn’t care less about your ideas of the south, because most are horribly skewed, and it’s just funny at this point in my life. Twenty four years of hearing redneck and fat jokes just proves how bad stereotypes are in the States.

Any how, that’s not important.

I came here, as I said, for some possible table-top-gaming using some of my favorite gaming systems. What I’ve found is a collection of people with a number of gaming experiences in more than a couple dozen systems all with potential to be amazing, melt-your-face-off level games. After browsing a little while, I’ve come to the decision that I needed to get a little something about myself on here so people don’t think I’m some antisocial ass-hat © (Patent Pending) that’s only here for his own entertainment. I’m actually fairly social and nice.

Any how, I’ll be lurking and posting in a couple of threads and looking for something to get my hands on for a game. I only have one weekly game I’m involved in, and two fairly slow moving play-by-posts, all of different genres. If anyone has something they’re interested in running or want to play in, feel free to say something my way. I’d be glad to hear any potential games if there are openings either as player or GM/DM/ST. Just looking for a few new people to talk to and share epic stories among.

So yeah, thanks for reading my little essay here. Hope no one clawed their eyes out.


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