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I have been roleplaying on and off for about 28 years both as a player and a dungeon master/game master/storyteller. My longest campaign lasted for approximately 5 or 6 years on and off and it was based on the White Wolf World of Darkness system, featuring mainly the kindred of Chicago. It was a blast and will forever hold a precious place in my memory.

I have been an avid D&D fan for many years, and though I have explored many other fantasy systems, I find D&D has what I like most. I picked up D&D 4e when it came out earlier this year, and though it has many things I love, there are other things I wish were there (summoning for one). 

I have recently started a campaign in D&D 4e, loosely based on the ideas in the Midnight Campaign Setting, but due to scheduling issues it did not progress very far. I hope to begin a campaign which others will enjoy and we can get some true mileage out of and hopefully Obsidian can help me collect my thoughts and organize them.

My most charished characters would have to be: a 10th level Xeph Warlock, who's ability to fly and alter the fabric of reality was a tremendous "blast" (pun intended); as well as an 11th level Human Cleric of Tyr. He was blinded as a young man after witnessing the return of Bane and through the "Eyes of Justice" (a sweet magical shield) he was able to see the world for what it is, an unjust place in need of a judge.

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