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A child of the early 60’s, and still a child in my late 40’s ;)

Like many I broke my RP teeth on the original D&D Red Box back in the early 80’s but also Tunnels & Trolls which i had at the same time. Finding them easy to adapt i often mixed T&T adventures in to my D&D campaigns for variety. If you have the Monster Manual what’s the problem people just swap the stats! Moved on to AD&D 2e which i did to death before taking a break from the D&D stuff and moved in to World of Darkness as a player for a change, played that for a few years, so missed 3e D&D but picked back up with D&D for 4e and back in my DM roll. Loving D&D 4e, think i would play every day if given the chance ;)

For my AD&D days, the Forgotten Realms was my number one setting of choice, Greyhawk i think was second and Drangonlance a close third. I have run or played many other systems over the years besides those mentioned above, including Call of Cuthulhu, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Merp, Traveller, Buffy, Paranoia, Toon, WFRP, and loads more. I also have a liking for both Tabletop figure games like Warhammer 40k, Flames of War, Hordes, The Uncharted Seas, etc. I also like many Board Games, especially if they have a fantasy/sci-fi theme, Settlers of Catan, Arkham Horror, Escape from Colditz, Pandemic, to name a few.

As you can see I am hooked on Gaming of one type or another so likely no surprise i also help run my local Gaming Club here in South Wales, UK, Welsh Weyr Gaming Club In fact it was myself and a close friend who started it in my home some years ago now, it’s never been big but we keep it ticking along and new players are always welcome, especially now we have a larger venue to meet at :)

Other things to know about me include my love of anything to do with Dragons, the colour Purple in all it’s various shades, like a large range of music especially classic rock, Goth and Indie but will happily listen to New Age, Classical, Punk, Metal, and a few more bizzare ones. Enjoy computers for both practical and pleasure purposes, so am just as likely to be typing something in Word as playing a game, when i am playing games i like classics like Age of Empires, yes the first one, as well as Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft, I like solo games as much as MMO’s.

I don’t like Opera, Musicals or Dance music, that horrible mustard colour, Garlic, Smoking, Heavy Political or Religious conversastions, Dogs licking my or someone elses face, Nightclubs and to long in Pubs, a few other things but don’t want to get boring here so enough said.