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Hello there. Casual gamer here. I have a busy work schedule so the only times I can play are the weekends but since that is my only time to myself since I work afternoons Monday thru Friday 3:30pm to 12am and often til 2am if I am on 10 hour shifts I try to see friends and spend time with my girlfriend. I can also get scheduled Saturday shifts 1:30pm to 10pm if that occurs I may not make a Sunday session to which I will inform my GM ahead of time. There is a possibility in the future when business picks up that I’ll be working 7 days a week 66 hours. If that happens I will not be able to attend any sessions until the labor drops off and I have weekends available again.
I will attempt to make sessions as often as possible, but I also would like to maintain my social life too.

Currently playing in a Mortal Powers campaign Bi-weekly on Sunday from 10am to 4pm being led by Kris. Sessions may meet more regularly if possible I will attempt to make myself available if I can.

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