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I am a geeky, laid-back, thoughtful, polyamorous (I practice “responsible non-monogamy”), goofy, introverted, pansexual (open to more than the binary options of male or female), open-minded, pagan, honest, articulate, moody, politically liberal, fat, occasionally bossy, often solitary, funny, legally blind, intelligent, creative, introspective, compassionate, female, 30-something, adventurous, teaching, learning, searching, laughing, thinking, breathing, sleeping, eating, bipedal primate…

Interests include: reading, making hemp and beaded jewelry, anthropology, Guatemala, camping, ethnic cuisine (om nom nom nom), paganism & God/dess spirituality, geeks, furries, being outside, watching movies, long-haired hippies, fat-acceptance and size-esteem, going barefoot, swimming, fair trade, coloring outside the lines, coffee, politics, setting fire to things in the backyard, polyamory, LGBTQ, museums, geo-caching, philosophy, music, science fiction, fantasy, comic books, webcomics, social activism, tetris, feminism, RPGs, cats, Renaissance Faires, kink & BDSM, femdom, feeling the grass between my toes, meditation, card games, board games, drum circles, resale shopping and thrift stores, exploring Mother Earth, religion and mythology, studying sexuality and gender, meeting new people, trying new things

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