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My first experience with RPGs was as an NPC my older brother was forced to allow me to play (thanks mom!) that was promptly killed within five minutes of joining the game. I was hooked.

Despite that early foray into D&D during the 80’s, it wasn’t until the early 90’s that I became a full-blown gamer. My DM knew about as much as I did at the time so my first character was a Drizzt clone. (He was convinced that’s what people played and that drow were the be-all end-all of fantasy races. They are pretty rad.) We both wised up pretty fast but that first character is still my favorite despite his ill-informed origins. That campaign consumed us until around 2002 when we played it in spurts until eventually stopping altogether.

I have played every iteration of D&D, but AD&D remains my favorite, with HackMaster 4e being my favorite RPG of all time. I’m a little too young to be a true grognard, but my friends are convinced I was just born too late because old-school roleplaying (both rules systems and style of play) is where it’s at to me. The recent OSR trend is something I can support wholeheartedly.

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