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HalftrollRend's Bio

Half Human Half Troll
8’8" 375
Clay red skin, blue eyes, black hair

My name is Rend. I was born a freak of nature in a human village. My mother hid me for many years cause she did not want everyone knowing that she was raped by a band of trolls. When word got out that i was born i was banished. Living my life in solitude for many years until a army of barbarians found me and thought id be a mighty ally in their campaigns. They gave me the name of Rend. I was born lxion, but the relentless slaughtering and dismembering of foes drove the barbarians to call me something different, something more ferocious.I became known throught the world, then the Drow rose up. I was facinated by their tongue and wanted to learn their ways. The barbarians did not like that i was taking a likeness to our enemy. While fighting in a battle the barbarians turned against me. My faithful companion Bayer the dire bear was slaughtered, and it sent me into a furious rage. I now carry his hide with me to remember the great times we had. During the battle in rage i slaughtered many and fell from exhaustion. When i woke my leader Xorgo was dead next to a man with a magnificent breastplate. I took his breastplate and continued traveling. That is when i was picked up by the Alchemist and offered a job.

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