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I have been playing roleplaying games for about eleven years now using a variety of gaming systems. My first game was a walk-in Vampire: The masquerade game at the local game store. Over the Years I have been in many roleplaying groups around the country and even beyond it on a few occasions.

I’ve played and run several Larp events and a few Killer game’s alongside creating and managing a community for several tabletop games and trading card games like Magic:The gathering.

I have been asked for several games as a storyteller and have gotten the title of “EvilDM” from my players. My games tend to be story, knowledge and Machiavellian in nature. I like fleshing out the stories of my NPC’s and using that information in the story.

I am currently the Storyteller of a Vampire:the Masquerade game V20. I’m also ST’ing a pathfinder campaign and have just picked up Call of Cthulhu after a couple of years of absence. I usually play at home, either with or without my fiancĂ©e participating in the game( I met her through roleplaying-so keep up hope guys/girls)

During the daytime I am a Social Worker/Event Organiser/Manager and a student History Teacher. In this context I have taught about Social Studies, Citizenship and the effect of Gaming on these subjects. I also do freelance work for several events and have done promotion work at several Fantasy events.

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