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I’ve been gaming for about 30 years (I’m 40), and I’ve been at the helm for 90% of that time (maybe I have a power trip). I grew up in Sweden and started with a swedish RPG called Drakar och Demoner, their version of D&D. I soon expanded into various non-mainstream games (as compared to D&D, that is), like Mutant, Western, MERP, Star Wars D6, 2300AD, and Twilight: 2000. It wasn’t until I moved to the United States that I played D&D… admittedly, at first I did not like its arbitrary rules and inconsistencies (I was introduced to 2nd Ed AD&D). However, over the decades, I’ve come to enjoy the game, especially after its overdue overhaul with 3.0 Edition (I settled on 3.5 Ed being the best rule set).

I run powerful games with ample house rules to ensure that the characters shine… the story, player happiness, and having fun is far more important than adhering to the rules… game balance be damned! I also like out-of-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to character creation, hence we have a half-dragon who is slowly converting into a full dragon, a fiendish necromancer who is about to become a lich, a doppleganger, and so on. We’ve had PC pixies, a dragon wyrmling, and even a ghost…

To be continued…

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