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I am a old school gamer, never got heavy it to video games, because a prefer the more personal feel of a table top game. I have been playing D&D with a a group of guy for about the last ten years. The group has started to grow a little thin. I was hoping to maybe find a new group or just a new GM or player in my area. I grow up on 1st and 2nd edition, but spent the most time playing 3.5. I have looked at 4th edition but only got the core books. The Pathfinder system is the system I most prefer. I just love what they are doing with the game. I don’t have the best thought on 4th edition and think Pathfinder is just a better system. I love the worlds of Eberron and Faerun, but I am open to any thing with a good story behind it. I prefer the publish worlds to home brewed because it is easier for players to build more in depth backgrounds.

If your in the PLattsburgh NY area and wouldn’t mind a player drop me a line.

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