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Gamer mom, started DM’ing in H.S. with AD&D. Gave it up when I got married. Encouraged my oldest to try it when she got invited to a gaming group in H.S. and she fell in love with the game. Her sisters and one of their friends decided they wanted to try it a few years later but couldn’t find a DM. (Believe me my oldest had been trying for several years after she left for college and her H.S. group broke up.) I said, "Well, mom can re-learn the game so that y’all can see if y’all like it until y’all find a DM.) They LOVE the game. Like mother, like daughters, (insert seriously proud happy face here). I’ve remembered how much I LOVE the game, and I’m back to mod. writing which I always loved. Don’t understand why people would rather play than DM. And what started out as every intention to join the site to catch up and play online with the dau’s away at college (yes, I’m definitely that old) has turned into trolling the site for ideas and chatting with other gamers. (I have really missed the geek speak over the last 20 years.) I’m also very proud of the accomplishments of my fellow gamer geeks. You guys have really done the game proud with all the races, classes, builds, monsters, spells, magic items and tools. I was in the Air Force 6 years after H.S. to pay for college, and now I’ve been a nurse by profession for 20years. Married 29yrs and divorced. OK, don’t know why you would take the time to read all this boring blather all the way to the end, but that’s all folks.

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