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I’ve been role playing (tabletop and otherwise) for the better part of three decades. It started off as a teen’s fascination and has cycled through as a significant creative outlet, the ultimate purpose behind my well rounded education, and the probable origin of my extroverted personality.
I am what’s known in our capitalist society as a professional (post college), a father, and husband. I’ve LARP’ed for years, although never at any particular CON. I’ve aided in game design both for boardgames and RPG’s. I’ve spent far too much time, effort, and money on costumes; and, I’ve probably unintentionally invested this fascination in my daughter – although she’s way more reki-jo than I am.
I’ve read game manuals and maintained a fictional game world although I haven’t DM’ed in better than a year. I’m not compulsive – its just a creative outlet. I’m from NY where my game roots were formed – and its the best therapy I’ve had to ensure I remain calm – disturbingly, I"m only partially joking.
I’ve played in the Fantasy genre across multiple publishers, notably – DnD 3.xx, Pathfinder, D20, Palladium, Chaosium, Games Workshop, Iron Crown, and White Wolf.
I’ve also played in the Urban Horror, Post Apocalyptic, and Dystopian future genres according to their accompanying game publisher.

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